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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

CBO: Debt Deal to Add Four TRILLION Dollars to Deficit

This is a compromise... how? The fiscal cliff "deal" is yet another poison pill for the economy. It's already been announced that there is $330 billion in new spending alone. Then there's the fact that for every one dollar cut from the budget, we are spending an additional forty-three.

And now there's this: according to the CBO, the deal will add four trillion dollars to the deficit (not the debt).
A sham
Thankfully, some Republicans in the House have come out against it, including Eric Cantor. Rumor has it that the deal might be "tweaked." Unless Republicans take a chainsaw to this abomination, the only thing that should be said by them is "No."

A bad deal is much worse than no deal. It's like compromising to spend a thousand dollars because you can't afford to spend ten. It's the opposite of where we should be headed.

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