Thursday, January 24, 2013

After 1,460 Letters, Heart-Broken CNN Reporter to Stop Writing to President, Lamenting "He Never Called"

This is not satire. How I wish it was considering what it implies about journalists in our nation.

Tom Foreman is a CNN "reporter" who few have heard of. Maybe no one's noticed him because he's been writing letters to President Barack Obama. Often. Every single day, in fact. For four years. That's 1,460 letters.

Mr. Foreman, however, has declared that he will no longer be sending Mr. Obama any letters, as he proclaimed in his aptly named article My last letter to the president. His article proudly explained:
CNN reporter and anchor Tom Foreman has been writing a letter each day, every day, to President Barack Obama since he was inaugurated four years ago. This is his last one.
What precisely was in the letters, on top of the sheer number of them, is particularly disturbing. The joy that this exercise gave Foreman at times is all the more unnerving.
"He never called"
Mr. Foreman often ended letters asking the President to "call when you can," because he knows he's busy. He told him about "a guy [who] started giving [him] a hard time" in junior high. He talked about "Rachel Ray [and] her recipe for Warm Provencal Chicken Salad!"

Mr. Foreman even talked about the President's daughter Malia in a shower.

To be certain, these were not your normal letters. They are much closer to the idolizing of the President that the Main Stream Media has hardly been able to contain over the last four plus years.

And to make the final letter ever the more creepy, Mr. Foreman notes near its end:
I don't know if he ever read a single line. All I know is that in almost every missive, I invited the president to give me a call. He never did.
First class, Foreman. First class.

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  1. Before the election, they were useful idiots. Now, they are just plain idiots.

  2. marcus tullius cicero says you sir are a sick teenager. i would have forgiven your gayness if
    letters were to justin the b. the king is not
    amused, since the shmuck did not send money.