Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Why Didn't the World End Today?

Wondering why the world didn't end today? I mean seriously, are you? If you are, then you are an imbecile. But just to answer the question "Why did the world end today:"

The Mayans were a group of ancient people who couldn't even predict their own demise, let alone European invaders. Did you honestly believe a nearly extinct people who were slaughtered 500 years ago could predict the end of the world using the Gregorian calendar (which they didn't have) on the shockingly Western date of 12/21/12 at 11:11 GMT? Honestly? The Mayans didn't even know there was a Greenwich.

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  1. I know all the people out there are so STUPID of course the world wasn't going to end today. And those people out there who thought if the world dosen't end then there will be three days of darkness and the Sun can't take three days of darkness so the Sun will explode making the Earth explode are all very, very STUPID, IDIOTIC and WEIRD.

  2. Who agrees?
    I was the person who wrote the one on top.

  3. Its funny how your the only one posting here

  4. im not suprised the world didnt end i knew it wouldnt