Sunday, December 30, 2012

Washington's Leadership Crisis

With just hours left to avoid the impending doom of the so called "fiscal crisis" and no solution to the catastrophe likely, the citizenry of the United States will be left to deal with another crippling recession, this time caused by the lack of leadership and abundance of partisanship in Washington.

Imagine the 2008 recession occurring again, but this time with massive cuts to military and social spending, the lapse of unemployment benefits for two million Americans, tax increases on every single citizen, maxing our national debt once again and further shaking trust in our already rather unreliable credit rating...

Oh.. You mean reality on Tuesday

And why is this all occurring?

Because the politicians in Washington are too concerned with the good of their future political ambitions rather then their children's economic ambitions...

Why else would President Obama seemingly remain absent during this entire debacle on Capitol Hill, then to use his immoral abdication of duty as a political gambit to blame Republicans, and same for his cronies in both houses who refuse to rise to the occasion and work for the national tranquility... And don't forget the stubborn House conservatives who refuse to follow their man, their elected leader to avoid calamity for purity reasons.

What we are witnessing here is not just a crisis of impending economic doom, but of lack of real leadership... Leadership that used to be ingrained in statesmen on both sides of the aisle, the men who founded this country based on a common set of ideals for life, liberty and happiness by not stubbornly refusing to work together, but stubbornly searching for compromise among unwilling partners....

Today, we have a leadership crisis... and unless that crisis is resolved in the next forty-six or so hours, we will have a fiscal crisis from hell reigning upon us like an unending avalanche of doom.

What say you?

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  1. Lazy fools vote for leaders. Sensible adults vote for servants. The real problem is a lack of sensible adults, and qualified servants would rather work for a living. Ignorant voters are now the majority, so when they elect garbage, there is no reason to expect roses.