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Friday, December 21, 2012

Oh... We're All Still Here

It's December twenty-first, everyone... The day of the mythical prophecy foretold by the ancient Mayans when the planets would align and for some unexplained reason, the entire world would basically end...

And we're all still freaking here.

Are you really surprised? Really?

Although the Mayans were one of the more sophisticated ancient civilizations, particularly among the native populations of the Americas, and their well discussed calendars are proof of this (being honest, I'm more impressed by their water irrigation methods and construction of pyramids, etc... just me), they never actually predicted the end of the world.

Their calender just ended.

Many have speculated it represents an Mayan belief that the world has cycles and once you reach a certain day, you enter into a new one, or others, albeit crude, hold they were likely overwhelmed by disease and plague brought by the Spanish conquistadors and simply didn't finish the thing...

Or, my personal belief, they probably just got bored of continuously adding days to a calender none of them would use in their lifetimes and decided a good 'ole fashion Mayan human sacrifice to the river god was a more worthwhile expenditure of time...

Regardless, we're all still here...

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