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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Mayan End of the World Countdown Clock

Update: Well, looks like the world didn't end. What a freaking shock. Original article below:

Still dumb enough to completely ignore facts? Utterly oblivious to the fact that actual Mayans refute the claim that the world is going to end? If so, or you just want to have a nice countdown to when people shut the hell up about 2012, enjoy the up to the second doomsday countdown clock blow:


  1. haha nothingd happends

  2. Be prepared - we can save your files, but we can can't save you. Back up off-world. http://www.offworldbackup.com

  3. if you believe this, please leave all of your valuables at my house before the count down ends

  4. if anyone is interested I can give you a name so you may postdate a few checks for december 21 in my name please inquire...

  5. ill take all your goodies

  6. LOL its funny because in 2013 they will be saying its ending on September 21 lmao morons

  7. the world is going to end this day" they say... they are wrong, "oops we did the math wrong,again." they sais again

  8. idiots the world didn't end.

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