Sunday, December 30, 2012

Mali Continues to Suffer as World Sits Idly By

The Tuareg uprising that caused great upheaval in Mali last summer, including a military coup and a brutal Islamist takeover of everything North of Timbuktu has seemingly been forgotten by the international community, as their inaction to aid the people has led to the construction of terror and evil in the once peaceful nation.

In fact, when asked to consider militarily intervening in the Sub-Sahara nation to uproot the brutal Islamists and prevent the establishment of al-Qaida's presence, UN secretary general Moon said it could cause a humanitarian crisis, apparently ignorant to the horrifying conditions on the ground.

This led Oumou Sall Seck, who is the mayor of a small town in northern Mali that she was forced to flee from as Islamists started enforcing their sharia will on the populace, to pen a plea for help from the United States, France and other western bodies to come to the aid of her nation and her people who are suffering.

It was translated and published in the New York Times this past week and hopefully will awaken the eyes of the international community to the plight of the dear souls in Mali and maybe stir men of power to realize we must rally some forces, or aid African forces in driving out the wolves of barbarity and butchery.

I hope increasing awareness to the declining state of affairs in northern Mali, along with the ever increasing threat of al-Qaida constituting themselves will cause some to pause and consider whether our current strategy of non-interventionism and allowing the Islamists to run wild is actually a good course for not only the enslaved populace but of the world in general and Africa particularly.

What say you?

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