Monday, December 31, 2012

Joe Biden Joins Fiscal Cliff Talks as Time Counts Down

With time no longer on anyone's side in Washington, the U.S. Senate has just reconvened on this chilly New Years Eve to hopefully consider whatever deal Minority Leader McConnell and Vice-President Biden, who was requested to join the negotiations by McConnell after he said Majority Leader Reid apparently gave up on discussions.

Just thirteen hours to go and there is no deal in place for averting the fiscal cliff in either house of Congress as our elected leaders attempt to reach some sort of compromise, which relies on D.C. overcoming the even more threatening leadership crisis that led to this situation in the first place...

Currently, Iowa Democratic Senator Tom Harkin is lecturing the Senate floor on the benefits of raising taxes on the wealthy, which is a perfect example of why compromise has failed - neither side is willing to budge on this contentious issue to perhaps deal with more manageable ones that hold mutual concern and desire to resolve.

What say you?

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