Saturday, December 08, 2012

Bob Costas Dilemna for Tomorrow’s Sunday Night Football Game – Prohibition or Ban Cars?

The NFL is not having a very good week.  This weekend two Dallas Cowboy players were involved in a car accident.  Jerry Brown, 24, was killed while riding in a car with linebacker Joshua Price-Bent.  The car apparently was travelling at a high rate of speed, hit a curb, flipped over and caught on fire.  
Bent was seen trying to help his teammate out of the car when police arrived.  He was brought to the hospital and pronounced dead.  Bent failed a sobriety test.  The exact amount he was over the legal limit is not known at this time, but he has been charged with intoxication manslaughter (never heard of such a thing).  

A tragedy for both men.  Bent faces 20 years in prison if convicted and of course a very young man has lost his life.  My deepest sympathies to his loved ones.  

The dilemma comes does Bob Costas during his lecture to the Sunday Night Football watching public decide to ban cars or bring back prohibition?  

I am not trying to make light of a horrible situation, but this question must be asked.  Professional athletes have a culture of drugs and drinking just as much as a culture of guns.  So with Costas' logic, they must be banned from all society because these individuals can't handle the money, fame, and all the things that come with it.  

Your guess on which it will be?  

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  1. It's interesting that Costas is replete with anti firearms comments when the opportunity arises because "firearms" kill so many people but when the next week a drunken footballer kills with an automobile there is silence. Just think, autos KILL 36,000 a year, 4 times the highest claim for weapons, and abject silence follows....obviously Costas doesn't care about the loss of life as much as he panders to Bloomberg.

  2. Whether it's ranting or reporting, Bob Costas and his NBC posse are the gang that can't shoot straight

  3. All sports commentators (Costas especially, since he exhibited the propensity to do so last Sunday night) need to stick to what they're paid for...commenting on sporting events, not on social issues. He crossed a line by spewing his anti-gun commentary to a sports-centric crowd. If we want social commentary that's what we have guys like Glenn Beck, Bill O'Reilly, etc for.