Friday, November 16, 2012

The  Truth  About  Politics

1.   Things are never as they seem,  NEVER.
"Things" are only what those in power want them
to be, they are disguised as reality, then given to
the people in the form of real life events, genuine
facts, and accurate statistics.

2.  Lying is not only an accepted practice, it is
the ONLY practice.   The best liars always win,
always; and the best liars stay in power the longest.
The worst position to hold in politics is one of
trying to be honest.  Can you say, "prison?"

3.  The law exists only to keep those in power,
in power.  The law is not just, the law is not equal,
the law is not fair.  The law is nothing more than a
powerful tool, used by those in power, to keep
everyone else out of power.  "The law," is what
those in power say it is.

4.   Power does indeed come from the barrel of
a gun.  Force, threats, intimidation, character
asassination, ruined lives, trashed reputations,
murder, all are a regular function of those in power,
and used against anyone who would try to take that
power away from them.

5.   The people have only one recourse against
those in power, and it is not the ballot.   When
Tom Jefferson said, two hundred years ago, that
the tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to
time with the blood of patriots and tyrants, he
was not just whistling in the dark.  He was stating
a hard, cold, true fact about life, liberty, and those
in power whose only obsession is to keep life and 
liberty from everyone else.

Should you think this is too negative an outlook,
go to Gander Mountain, or Cabela's, purchase a
good lantern, and do the Diogenes thing in your
local government --  go search for an honest man.

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