Friday, November 16, 2012

Oil Rig Explodes off of Louisiana

From Fox News:
At least four people are injured and two missing after an oil rig exploded off the coast of Louisiana, Coast Guard officials say.

Petty Officer 3rd Class Jonathan Lally, a spokesman for the Coast Guard, did not immediately have information on the conditions of those taken to hospitals.

The rig, a production platform owned by Black Elk Energy, is about 25 miles southeast of Grand Isle, La.

Lally said two helicopters, an airplane and small boats were sent to the area on Friday. He did not know if the fire caused by the explosion had been put out yet.
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  1. Take it from somebody that knows what they are talking about. ME ! An oil rig is called a RIG. Those are the ones that actually do the drilling. When the holes are drilled....and that could be from to as many as 120 then a PRODUCTION PLATFORM is built and the oil or gas, or both, is extracted and sent to land. So to make this story correct a Production platform blew up. A RIG, which is used for drilling, did not blow up. it is past time that the press gets the names straight. Just thought I would lend you guys a hand on proper terminology. Thank YOU very much !

  2. So sorry to hear this. Praying for the families. I love Louisiana!