Saturday, November 03, 2012

Fraud Watch: Another Offer to Vote Twice

Coming off the heels of some high profile cases of Obama supporters being encouraged to cast multiple ballots, it appears to be spreading. Off of twitter, we've found another disturbingly similar case. It now appears to be a trend that people have been voting (or at least trying to) vote twice.

When you follow the link, you get a disturbing report:

A woman (who would not give her name) just called my mother. Offering to get my mom to NORTH CAROLINA eventhough my mother had already voted for ROMNEY in Tennessee... The sorry Liberal "Democrat" woman said Obama desperately needed more VOTES in North Carolina & mom could vote again. Isht just got real folks... here is the lying cheat of a democrat womans phone number. 731-446-3530 have fun y'all.

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