Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Why Are there So Many Obamas?

We have:  the Muslim obama/the Christian obama;
the liar obama/the suave speechmaker obama;  the
I believe in Jesus obama/the lets kill more babies
obama;  the Kenyan obama/the Hawiiiian obama/
the Indonesian obama/the Chicago obama/the gay
obama/the married with children obama/the smartest
guy in the room obama/the looks like he is not all
there obama/the choom gang obama/the leader of
the free world obama.

What on earth is going on? 

How is a sane person expected to figure this out?

With the religious boundaries at both edges of the
universe, with professions of personal belief as far
as the east is from the west; with individual, public
confessions professing heaven and at the same time,
hell, how to explain this?

Contrast the public truth, that he lies about every-
thing, to his great ability to sway an audience;  from
embracing Islam here and around the world, and
at the same time swearing he is a Christian;  to have
a life history of voting to kill unborn babies and
surviving babies -- and at the same time, claiming
over and over that he believes the Bible.  

This is not normal, it is not religious, and it surely
is not Christian.

All of these theologically opposite lives, all of these
completely opposed positions existing in one person
can mean only one thing:  the man is posessed by
evil spirits.

In the Bible, both Old and New Testaments, there
are many instances of people being posessed by
demons.  In the Old Testament, some of the possessed
ones were kings, leaders of their countries.

The one similar factor in every instance was behavior
which could not be controlled by the one posessed.

Any sane person, watching the antics of this man for
just the last five or six public years;  going from one
personna to another, being controlled by lying, being
controlled to re-distribute steal trillions, being controlled
to sign bills demanding that taxpayers fund the killing
of babies not only in America, but around the world;
simply looking the other way while thousands of our
soldiers are murdered in the name of religion;  and then
blaming every evil he believes in and practices on
anyone he can  ----  there is only one conclusion a sane
person who reads the Bible can make -- this man is
possessed by a demon, or a legion of them.

Barack Hussein Obama does not simply exhibit
multiple personalities, he has shown to Americans and
to the world that he is living multiple lives, and no one
is ever sure which one will come out.

He probably doesn't know either.

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