Saturday, October 06, 2012

Romney Surges Ahead in Colorado, Florida, Ohio, and Virginia

Republican challenger Mitt Romney has shot ahead of President Barack Obama in polls taken since Wednesday night's debate. In the debate, Mr. Romney won handily over Mr. Obama, who looked irritated and confused at times.

Not only have new polls shown Mr. Romney now leading President Obama nationally, but the Republican has also taken the lead in key swing states. This comes after Mr. Obama was leading in all polls prior to the debate.
In Colorado, both Gravis Marketing and McLaughlin & Associates, Mr. Romney now leads. Gravis's poll shows the GOP candidate with a 49.4-45.9% lead. McLaughlin shows a 50-46% lead for Mr. Romney.

In Florida, WeAskAmerica and Rasmussen Reports show Mr. Romney with a multiple-point lead. According to Rasmussen, Romney leads 49-47%. WeAskAmerica has the numbers at 49-46%.

In Virginia, again, WeAskAmerica and Rasmussen Reports show Mr. Romney in the lead. Rasmussen has Romney leading 49-48% over President Obama. WeAskAmerica shows Mr. Romney with a 48-45% lead.

Finally, WeAskAmerica has Mr. Romney leading Mr. Obama by one point in Ohio. Their poll shows a 47-46% lead for the challenger; and this percent comes even though WeAskAmerica polled 4% more Democrats than Republicans in Ohio.

Both Rasmussen and National Journal polls have Mr. Romney now leading nationally.

You can watch the entire debate below:

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