Friday, October 05, 2012

Romney Rallies Virginia Republicans

The overall reaction to Mitt Romney's victory in Wednesday night's first presidential debate has been very positive for the Republican nominee, as polls show an uptick in voter approval, and the President's base is seemingly in disarray. However, we have no substantive polling data yet, so we have to rely on the reports from the ground...

... And if Virginia is any indication, Mr. Romney should be very pleased this late night.

With turnout ranging from thousands to over ten thousand, Mr. Romney's first post-debate rally in Virginia was an absolute success last evening, as Republicans came out of the woodwork to back their re-energized nominee in Fisherville - where country star Trace Adkins kicked off the event - and listen to Paul Ryan, who is preparing for next week's Vice-Presidential debate.

Romney's campaign was feeling so jubilant, they set off fireworks as his speech was cut off by thousands of supporters chanting "Romney! Romney!"

This bodes well for Mr. Romney, as polls showed the already close race in Virginia tightening before his big debate victory, and if this rally reflects a jump in Republican faithful enthusiasm for his campaign, as well as a more positive viewpoint from the undecided Independents, we could see this very important state switch into his column soon.

Only time will tell, but I'm no longer as depressed, or un-optimistic as the other night and I'm feeling hopeful Romney will be able to pull this off in 32 days...

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