Tuesday, October 09, 2012

For His Royal Highness Barry --
it's Over -- Roy Orbison Over

Why is it over for the wonder boy? 

Because the entire country just found out,
by way of the prince without a teleprompter,
that he is nothing but an empty suit, an out of
touch, ignorant, indifferent, not so bright

He is now --  a man without a country, and will
be banished to somewhere far away, where he
will write another tale told by an idiot, full of
sound and fury, signifying nothing.

Three major reasons for this fall from his

1. He is the most insecure man on the planet. 

Anyone who spends any time on the internet
cannot help but see Barry's smirking face
plastered on anything not nailed down.

Used to be his empty headed grin showed up
once on every site.  Now, it is twice or three
times a site.

No one in the country, or world, has ever been
that over-exposed.  Only someone with an ego
as big as the sky and a brain the size of a grain
of sand would ever allow that to happen.

He is so insecure he cannot bear the thought of
someone, somewhere in the world waking up
without seeing his ugly mug a hundred times a

2. He is the most insufficient man ever to hold
the office of president.

This guy makes Jimmy Carter look like a
rocket scientist, oh, wait, he was, wasn't he?

Not only does Barry have no credentials, he
has no education, no job experience, no real
life experience, no spiritual foundation, no
moral underpinnings, he ascended to the
presidency with nothing but a hot cup of
Jack Squat, to quote Chris Farley, who could
have done a much better job.

He, because of his insecurity, has insured that
no one will ever be able to dig up just how deep
his insufficiency goes.

He is nothing, has nothing, and his delivery last
week on worldwide television revealed just that -

3. He is insane.  Remember the definition of
insanity?  Same thing, over and over again,
expecting different results? 

That is Barry, second verse, same as the first.

He should change his name this time to Barry
Obscure, because that is where he is bound,
to nowhere-nobody-no-one-cares-ville.

Until Romney's landslide victory next month,
we'll just have to put up with his grinning mug,
empty lies and taxpayer funded expensive

After that, in the words of John Mclaughlin-

Bye- Bye!

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