Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Candy Crowley: The Worst Presidential Moderator in History

Aside from repeatedly interrupting Mitt Romney, aside from giving the President 9% more time than Mr. Romney, and beside the softball questions she decided on for this debate, what else could Candy Crowley do to make her performance the worst in history?

How about saying that Mr. Romney was wrong, when it turns out that he was right, then trying to go on national television and say, 'He was mainly right, but he was wrong anyway:'

Oh, and she was wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, and wrong.

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  1. This was a town hall meeting debate where the people are supposed to answer the questions.
    The moderator should have just done her job and stayed out of the debate. It looks like she could not stay neutral and keep her mouth shut.
    My family and I will never watch CNN again we always thought they were one sided and unfair and this just confirms it.
    Candy Crowley you are the worst moderator ever and you ruined what should have been a truthful debate by siding with the president for brownie points.

  2. Obama and Crowley are complicit. He lied and she backed it up.

    We all know she is a left wing libtard and she proved it to the Nth degree.

    CNN is toast.

  3. In Candy's room, there are food wrappers all over the floor,
    but to get to Candy's room, you gotta walk the darkness of CNN’s halls,
    Staffers from Obama, call my baby's number and they bring her cheese,
    When I come knocking, she smiles pretty, she knows I wanna be Candy's squeeze,
    There's a sadness hidden in that pretty rounded face,
    a sadness all her own,
    with the hope the media can keep Obama safe.
    We eat a pizza,
    my heart burn coming back again,
    when I touch the last piece of pizza, She stabs a fork in my hand,
    I go driving deep into the light, in Candy's eyes. She says,
    “Just wait for the Presidential Debate suckas!
    Talk about a death wish!”