Friday, September 21, 2012

There is a Moron
            in the White House

Since it has been almost four years since the
biggest liar on earth assumed yet another false

since this moron has done his worst to bring
America down to the level of a third world,
poverty stricken, leaderless country;

and since he cannot open his mouth without
spewing forth lie after lie -- perhaps it is time
for some plain speech about his royal lowness.

We have all seen for as long as we can
remember how politicians lie.

Yet no one politician, or five, or ten, if put
together as one, could begin to amass the lies
told by the current moron in the White House.

Even the worst leaders in history told the truth
some of the time.

This classless boob simply cannot take a breath
without lying about it.

How the mooch puts up with it is beyond me,
unless she is as dumb as he is.

Women usually aren't nearly as dumb as their
husbands, but then the food, the wine, the
vacations, the money, the fame, must have
addled her brain.

That this moron has written himself into past
presidential history is a well documented fact.

That he has plastered his demonic visage into
every American scene is apparent to everyone.

Now this patriotically/spiritually challenged
ego-moronic boob has actually put his aliased
initial on the American flag.

Is this the last straw for the dumbest ass in the

NO, probably not.

All that is left for this moral leper now is to put
his name on the Bible.

Give him three weeks and he will be selling the
Obama Family Bible, with his favorite verses
highlighed in pink.

I guess we'll just let God deal with that one.

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