Friday, September 14, 2012

Senator Jim Seward Wins Primary With Ease

State Senator Jim Seward (R-NY 51) has defeated his first serious primary challenger since 1986 with 80% of Republicans backing his bid for a 14th term in the irregular Thursday vote, which nearly 10,000 turned out  to participate in despite little media coverage, a respectable number by any margin in this mostly rural district.

Senator Seward dispatched of his opposition, tea party member and political newcomer James Blake, with relative ease in my home county of Schoharie with 85% of the local GOP backing his bid, and overall in his nine county large district with 80%, or 7,600 votes received out of 9,500 ballots cast. Not to shabby.

The long-serving incumbent will go on to face Democrat Howard Leib in the general election this November, which he is expected to carry without difficulty in the predominantly Republican district.


  1. where is the total for MR HAYES? he should have gotten MANY votes for all of the tihngs taht he did for middleburg over the YEARS. he is
    helped so many peeple and noone apprecitaes all that HE HAS DONE for eveyone. MR HAYES is a true PUBLIC SERVANT putting SERVICE back into PUBLIC SERVICE

    1. and why the FUCK did MR HAYES not get a key for everything THAT he DONE for everyone

      get him a FUCKiNG key

    2. i agree. MR HAYES was the best mayor in middoeburgs HISTORY. what a good point. he should run for county clekr again. i bet he actually won last tmie!

    3. LastSeenatanAppleFritterSeptember 14, 2012 at 1:55 AM

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