Friday, September 14, 2012

How "Pro-Choice" Are Democrats? - Video

Well, if you go by this, not very.  

I really enjoyed the lady from New York.  She believes in choices as long as they are "good results" - the government has a role in making those choices.  Another words, you are too dumb to make them for yourselves.   But hey, killing your baby obviously is a good result!!!

Same type of thing with school choice - We hear from a lady from Louisiana who says she had very difficult time navigating her children.  Apparently she is really smart.  So if it was hard for her, just imagine how hard it for those of us that are lets just say, dumb.  

Unions?  Well that got one lady a little stuck.  She wanted to be for choice, that is until she really thought about it.  Oops. 

Contradictions?  Well they acknowledge it, but oh well.  We all have them.  (Which most of us do, I will admit)  
But, they seem to like intervention.  Except of course unless someone is trying to intervene for the safety and life of a baby. 

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