Thursday, September 06, 2012

Can  A  Christian Be A  Democrat?

In light of the darkening storm clouds over last
night's democratic convention, perhaps this
question is finally in order:

     Is  it  possible  to  be  a  Christian in the
     Biblical sense of the word, and at the same
     time be a democrat?

If  you  don't have time to read this entire article, I will make it easy and
just give you my final answer:

                      No,  it  is  not  possible.

Given the twenty or thirty year old complete insistence by the democratic
party on                    1.   The killing of babies
                                 2.   The support for homosexuals
                                 3.   The attempted eradication of God in all things

I will ask politely once again, can you be a Christian, can you believe the Bible,
can you bow down to the Triune God, Maker of Heaven and Earth and all things
therein,  can you sincerely hold these beliefs and be for baby killing, homosex
and denying the very existence of God?

No, you cannot.

How can you have a Biblical belief in God, (what other kind is there?) an
attitude of reverence and worship for Jesus Christ, the Son of the living God,
hold a firm belief in the written Word of God, and at the same time vote for
the Godless, Evil, Demonic atheists in the party which calls themselves

It is a total, raging non sequitur.  It is two beliefs in total opposition to each

In his classic, The Life and Times of Jesus the Messiah, Alfred Edersheim
wrote the following concering the political atmosphere in the days
surrounding the birth of Jesus:

              "The reign of Augustus marked not only the climax, but the
               crisis of Roman history.  Whatever of good or evil the ancient
               world contained, had become fully ripe.

               As regarded politics, philosophy, religion and society, the
               utmost limits had been reached.

               Beyond them lay, as the only alternatives, ruin or regeneration.

               ....Each class of people contributed its share to the common

               The free citizens were idle, dissipated, sunken;  their chief
               thoughts were of the theatre and the arena;  and they were
               mostly supported at public cost. 

              While even in the time of Augustus, more than 200,000 persons
              were thus maintained by the State;

              what of the old Roman stock that remained was rapidly decaying,
              partly from corruption, but chiefly from the increasing cessation
              of marriage, and the nameless abominations of what remained
              of family life.

              ....Absolute right did not exist.  Might was right.  The social
              relations exihibited if possible, an even deeper corruption.  The
              sanctity of marriage had ceased.

             Female dissipation and general dissolutness let at last to an
             almost entire cessation of marriage.

             Abortion, and the exposure and murder of newly born children
             were common and tolerated;  un-natural vices, which even the
             greatest philosophers practiced, if not advocated, attained
             proportions which defy description.
                                       A. Edersheim Vol I, Book II, p 256-259

It is fairly clear that life on earth for the last 2000 years has not changed
much.  If the democrats get their way, we are about to be living back in
the cave man/animal spiritual stone age.

The limitless vices of a homosexual desiring president; the propensity
of a senate and congress for everything evil, the continual, government
forced breakdown of a moral society;

the sinful degradation of a moral way of life continually opposed by
the likes of obama, pelosi, reid, and rest of the festering moral lepers
who are running our country into moral perversion and a total break-
down of American society ----

can you call yourself a Christian and vote for
these perverts? 

It would be like voting for a reign of Ahab and
Jezebel, and throwing Elijah in jail.

Anyone calling themselves a Christian who cannot discern the lawlessness,
the Godlessness, the total moral depravity of these spiritually dead
leaders is either blinded by prideful stupidity, or is totally lacking of a
moral compass, and they deserve the kind of leaders and government
they get.

The rest of us will have to man up and face the music.

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