Friday, September 14, 2012

Bar-reck Hussein Obama -
               hmm, hmm, hmm!

It is time we all stop dis-respecting our
esteemed President, and long past time since
we should respect him with more honors.  It
has been several years now since he wrote those
two thrilling auto-biographies about his great
self, and really too long since he won the Nobel
Peace Prize for single-handedly saving the world.

It is time he finally gets some more well-deserved awards; we owe this
great specimen of humanity our adoration and veneration anyway,
just for gracing us with his humble presence.

Award Number One:  The Medal of Honor;  for his devotion to duty,
for bravery to his fellow men;  for excellence in patriotism far above
his presidential predecessors;  for securing life, liberty and happiness
for our entire country;  had he been at San Juan Hill, he would have
stormed the mountain fortress all by his lonesome, throwing caution
and safety to the wind, he would have out-done Teddy R.  Battle of
the Bulge, he would have won that all by hisself.   BHO-- rah, rah, rah.
Hold the ceremony in the Oval Office, where surrounded by mirrors,
the imposter can hang the Medal around his own scrawny neck, that
is, if he can get Reggie off his neck.

Award Number Two:  An Oscar;  for best performance in politics;
best acting ability for someone so totally ignorant of real world events,
at home and abroad;  and best stuffed shirt/empty suit/ignorant chair
performance by an illegal immigrant with no green card.

Award Number Three:  An ESPY;  please, please, give the boy/child
an ESPY for best performance in golf, basketball and an extra one
for being able to watch ESPN around the clock while the middle
East goes up in flames, while the American economy goes down in
flames, and for being second only to Merv Griffin in keeping his
raging homosexuality out of the public eye.

Award Number Four:  The Total Ignorance Gold Cup;  this one is
for the ages, since it will be at least a thousand years before American
voters will ever be able to find anyone to act as president who is as
empty headed, wrongly directed, dumb as a high school jock, completely
stupid on domestic economice and foreign affairs, totally inept at
running anything, and has never yet worked a day in his sorry,
sordid life.

Award Number Five:  The No - You're NOT as Smart as A Fifth
Grader.  Best performance by the dumbest guy in the room, dumbest
guy on the block, the man with not one idea or clue, and whose
speaking abilities make Bawney Frwank look smooth.

Bar-wreck  Hussein Obama -- hmm, hmm, hmm!!

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