Sunday, September 30, 2012

Assad Regime Executed Turkish Pilots in June Incident

In a dramatic revelation yesterday, the Al-Arabiya reported that they have obtained Syrian intelligence documents that paint a different, far more gruesome story concerning the Turkish warplane that Assad loyalists shot and destroyed early this summer, which pitted the Syrian and Turkish governments at odds.

Syrian intelligence documents outlying the capture of two Turkish fighter pilots
According to the documents, which were obtained by Rebel forces somehow, the two pilots aboard the warplane, an F-4 Phantom, did not perish from crashing in the Mediterranean Sea as a result of Assad's loyalist forces, but rather they were captured after crashing, and with the guidance of the Russians, were executed and their bodies returned to the crash site. 

If true, this significantly alters the ongoing conflict in Syria. 

As it (1.) reveals the regime not only specifically targeted the Turkish warplane, but after first signaling the need to follow proper rules of conduct, committed war crimes against the two pilots, (2.) the Russians are 100% complicit in the actions of Assad's regime, as they assisted in both the downing of the plane and the subsequent execution of the pilots and (3.) the regime can now be charged with war crimes and this opens the possibility of international action. 

The Syrian government is no longer just guilty of brutally oppressing their own populace, but of war crimes against the military personnel of a neighboring country with the guidance of a permenant member of the U.N. Security Council. This is an scandal of international proportions, and if the western community responds as it should, could lead the way for intervention in the ongoing civil war.

Assad is an animal... Who has targeted his own population, who has assaulted the personnel of Turkey, who has launched rockets into neighboring Lebanon... We must put him down before he does something we can't reverse... 30,000 are already dead - how many more much die for the pride of a tyrant before we act?

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