Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Arab Spring Gratitude: U.S. Embassies Attacked

A wave of militant anti-American protests have broken out across the islamic world, as U.S. embassies have been targeted, resulting in the death of one of our Ambassador's and his security detail, and the raising of al-Qaida's flag over another. Incidents you would expect to see in Iran or Pakistan, but not this time...

Think Egypt and Libya yesterday, and Tunisia today.

Countries we helped liberate in last year's brutal and deadly arab spring across Northern Africa are repaying our consulates for our support by holding our government accountable for the actions of one idiotic preacher in Florida by killing our diplomats, raiding our offices, burning our flags and causing mayhem.

Granted, security forces and local police in Libya, and Tunisia were fighting back against the militants, but no such protection would be granted to our diplomats in Egypt, and the low life bastards in all three nations who benefited from our support last year have taken yet another excuse to scream death to the people who aided them against our better judgement.

This is just freaking bullshit.

Why exactly did we overthrow Hosni Mubarak and ben-Ali again? To help spread "democracy" and "rights" or some other western concept 90% of citizens in these countries can't tolerate? Because if that was our goal instead of maintaining stability and allies, our government deserves a giant F on that one.

Because not only is there no democracy or rights in those countries, due to the rise of islamists, we have lost two pivotal allies in the War on Terror and stalwarts of stability in a region infected with chaos. And lets not even discuss Libya, because this entire situation could have been avoided by putting boots on the ground ten months ago.

And as long as our current leadership continues to waffle on this issue and make excuses for the actions of these islamist dickheads, we should expect to see U.S. Embassies targeted across the arab world, and maybe, just maybe after the second or third Ambassador is murdered we will consider a new strategy... as long as it doesn't peril the President's reelection hopes, that is.

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  1. When will it end this chaos that occurs at this time. I just really hope no innocent people will get involved.

    Jane F.