Sunday, September 09, 2012

Angus Reed, Prudentia, Emerging Energy Reality, Dubai

Let's face it: the energy needs of the world are changing. With new technologies opening up energy opportunities like never before, it is important to remember that prudent investors can find themselves ahead of the curve if they do their research.

One of the individuals at the forefront of this new reality is Angus Reed, who is a Director of Australia's leading integrated property and investment management group, Prudentia Investments.

Mr. Reed has worked on bringing solar energy to Australia, which he believes is a part of the energy solution for the planet. He has also taken the lead on making sure that new construction projects are sustainable and take advantage of new energy technology and efficiency.

Perhaps his most impressive work has been with Melbourne's new Wyndham Harbor project. This massive project will not only offer competitively priced apartments, but also a 1,400 ship marina, and a new shopping area. This will translate into housing, jobs, and tax revenue for Melbourne and its environs.

Angus Reed has taken the lead in projects like this one, energy efficiency, and in Dubai. His work can serve as a model for your own company or line of work.

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