Friday, July 06, 2012

Russia: America's Favorite Video Game Enemy

Okay, I just don't understand it.

For four fucking decades we were embattled in a "cold war" with the Soviet Union, which saw us fighting them through dozens of proxy wars (Korea, Afghanistan, and Grenada to name a few), yet during that time we never fired one shot directly at each other - preventing World War 3 and potentially the first war fought with non-conventional weaponry.

So please tell me why every fucking war game created today has the United States, Great Britain or some western nation fighting against, you guessed it, Russia... Sometimes a nationalist faction attempting to regain their lost Soviet glory, other times the Kremlin for nonsensical reasons, and every time a nuclear weapon is involved.

While playing Ghost Recon: Future Soldier I forgot whether I was playing a Tom Clancy video game, or Modern Warfare 3 during one cut-scene... because they were EXACTLY ALIKE, except for the fact in GRFS the nuclear attack was in London, while MW3 was Paris... Oh, wow, what a big difference. And a sidenote, both featured idiotic tourists video-taping the freaking attack!!! UGH!

What the fuck is with our Russia obsession as a culture?

Our administrations still make nuclear deals with them as if there's still a cold war ongoing; our presidential candidates must still outline policies for dealing with them as if we're one international crisis away from war; our television shows have to, possibly by legal contract, have one episode with an undercover KGB agent, and finally, our video games must have 15,000 fucking Russian bastards for us to obliterate, or we are not happy.

The only video game franchise not obsessed with the impotent Russians is Medal of Honor... So I have very high hopes for their new game scheduled for release this fall. But if it has one fucking Russian enemy in it, I will lose my mind and likely sue the sonsofabitches for copyright infringement of every other game released.

What say you?


  1. Why? Because the last couple video game generations got bored with shooting Nazis and terrorists... and terrorist Nazis

  2. We have real enemies and threats facing the western world today... Is it too politically incorrect to make a game with Iran as the enemy?