Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Random Thoughts Whilst the Power Was Out

From the plywood windowed White House:  "A stable and prosperous
Kenya is central to American foreign policy;  crucial to America's
national security and economic interests..."   Hahahahahah  --- yeah,
right ---  translation?  "I got to give them enough taxpayer money so
they won't release my birth certificate and records."  --Barry Soetoro

And secondly --who the frankenstein gives two buckets of warm spit
whether anderson cooper is gay?  As if we didn't know that, and maybe
with that as his lifestyle, he can now run for president.  Is he a member
of Man's Country in Chicago?  Oh, wait, they want men.

So little Barry wants to follow in daddy Castro's footsteps and lead us
into Marxxxism?  He better hurry, he's only got six months left.  And,
he may have a problem getting our guns.  Us gun and religion clingers
will give up all of our ammuntion before we give up our guns.

And of course the cowards in Congress are too busy with their vacations
to prosecute the Attorney Nitwit holder.  Wow -- that's a surprise.  How
about he trades places with John Roberts?

And since Sheriff Jose is revisiting the fraudulent Selective Service
records of the fraudulent so called pseudo president, how about when
little barry child is joyfully defeated in November, we make him sign
up again, and make him join the Army?  He could get a second chance
to be all he can be -- oh wait, he tried that and proved to be a miserable
failure.  He can't join the Marines, they only want a few GOOD men.

There is talk of a new international prize:  the Ignoble Jackass Prize;
recipients must be a complete degenerate, a total failure in a political
position, must be a pathological liar, never held a real job, and must
have ruined a country's economy all by themselves.  This year, beating
out Assad, Castro, Putin and Iamidiotjad is ---- you guessed it ---
oh, by the way, he must be a total scoundrel with numerous aliases
and numerous stolen social security numbers.  And the winner is - - -

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