Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Look who is talking about free and fair

What the frankenstein???

So now the imposter from Jakarta/Kenya/Singapore hailing from
east of the moon and west of Chicago wants to see free and fair
elections in the country run by another thug, Hugo Chavez?  Viva

As Chris Farley would say -- lotty frickin' da!

Any politician who even mentions free and fair elections should
be disqualified immediately from ever holding a position of
public trust.

Any politician from Cook County Illinois who uses the words
"free and fair" in the same month as the word "election," should
be taken immediately to prison, no passing go, no collecting
two hundred dollars.

And a person with no definitive past, no definitive birth country,
claiming to be a citizen of Kenya for most of his life, then saying
no, I was really born in Hawaii, who obtains a position in the
White House by rigging elections, stealing votes, using goons
to enforce unlawful voting, and who lies as easy as breathing,
who has no idea what a free people in a free country are all
about --- when he says "free and fair elections,"  ----- you can
hear Rod Blagojevich laughing all the way from prison in

Who cares what Barry Davis Soetoro Zerobama thinks about
that South American thug Hugo Chavez?  A threat to national
security?  So what?  The biggest threat to our national security
in the last two hundred years is the imposter in the White House.

A free and fair election?  How 'bout we have one in America in
2012, say, in November?

A free election:  that's where every legally qualified citizen votes
one time for the candidate of their choice.

A fair election:  that's where the candidates are legally, lawfully
qualified to be on the ballot;  and  their campaign is based on an
honest representation of their past political records;  an honest
representation of their present political position;  their honest
future plans if elected;  and a faithful promise to protect and
defend the Constitution of the United States of America.

That is free and that is fair.

Okay, stop laughing, see what I mean?  Free and fair have had
nothing to do with elections in America for a very long time --
and every politician holding office knows it.

But Zerobama talking about a free and fair election is like Al
Capone preaching the moral benefits of obeying the law.

Just sayin'.

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