Friday, July 13, 2012

I  didn't tell enough stories...

                    ---Hussein, Barry, obama

Every morning, after checking the news on the internet sites, it is
my fondest hope that the two tackiest people on the planet will kindly
shut their cake holes and do us the great service of slinking quietly
off into the vacuous sunset of their golden years.

Now the biggest liar in the universe thinks he didn't tell enough
stories to the American people?

How dang dumb does he think we are?

This violent politician, this vicious imposter has lied about everything
from soup to nuts; it is almost a virtual impossibility for him to
concoct any more lies to share with us.

Let's see, we heard the one about how he spent 16 -- 16 - 16 years
telling the American public he was born in Kenya;

we heard the one about the composite girlfriends;

we heard the one about the "coil of rage" he has against white people;

we heard the story about how much he learned from the communists;

we heard the sickening one about the first date of the two most selfish,
arrogant empty-headed tackiest people in the world;

we heard about how this thug from Chicago killed Osama all by himself;

we heard about how he shoveled snow for the entire city of Chicago;

we heard the one about the cocaine; the doobies;  the alcohol;

we heard the one about being the greatest president in our history;

we heard how he visited all 57 states;

we heard the one about the 49 different addresses;

the 12 different social security numbers;

how he may have gone to college;

how he might have been a law professor;  (he wasn't)

how he might have signed up for the draft; (he didn't)

The only story left for him to tell is how he
has degraded the office of the President;  how
he has lied everytime he opens his mouth;
how he has made a mockery of our political
system;  how he has ruined the system of
American justice and law;  how he has almost
singlehandedly destroyed the faith in our
political system; 

in short, the man is a walking lie.  Tell us that
story and then leave us alone.

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