Wednesday, June 20, 2012

You gotta know when to Holder 'em
  and when to folder 'em --

Having been involved directly in politics for sixteen years,
here is my take on what went down for Barry Hussein in
the past few years while watching the nitwit he put in charge
of the Justice (and I use the term sarcastically) Department.

First of all, a liar has to have a liar to protect him, so Barry
chose a lying thug like himself, planning all along for the
reasonable contingency that his lies would eventually would
land him in water above 212 farenheit. 

Knowing that, he chose a known political fixer, liar extra-
ordinary, but I repeat myself, for just a time as this, when
his lies about his personal involvement in such evil schemes
as Fast and Furious would come to light.

An honest man, by the way, would never, never last in the
obama adminstration.

So this liar/fixer/attorney/lover and cover for violent terrorist
and shysters like Marc Rich, alas, I repeat myself again;  by
name of Eric Himpton Holder is now about to be brought
up on contempt charges, for protecting Barry Barak Hussein
obama-davis-soetoro -- so what does Barry do?

Barry acts like just last night he decided to invoke "executive
privelege," which by definition means -- "When I don't want
anyone to know my part in this crime, I will invoke E.P."

(E.P. is to barry soetoro what E.D. is to Bob Dole.)

 But he didn't just make the decision last night.  Experience
tells me that barry and eric have smoked many a doobie over
this one, and this has been hanging fire for years now.

They both know this day was coming, so barry said to erric,
"Look, stonewall as long as you can.  Keep it going till after
the election.  Make sure I am not implicated.  Got time for
another joint?"

So like a good d-u-u-u-d-e,  Eric Himpton stonewalled, lied,
cheated, pleaded ignorance, which for him is not that difficult,
and held off the Congress of the United States for the last
three years now.

Yesterday, at oh, about 4:20, Eric says to barry, he-e-e-y
d-u-u-u-d-e, you know your name is on a lot of these
documents Issa is after,  and your signature.  What  do  y-o-o-u
want  me  to  do-o-o-o, bro?

So now we have "executive privilege," and two of the biggest
scoudrels, liars, muggers and thieves in the universe think they
are about to walk scottishly free. 

But wait, there is no honor among thieves, and ergo prompter
hoc --- guess who is about to be sacrificed, crucified, thrown
under the bus -- and by Barry -- the self proclaimed most
transparent president in the history of the world? 

Yep --- none other than Eric Himpton Holder ---
sorry-butt excuse for an Attorney General.

Eric Himpton Holder -- go get a real job for an attorney --
but wait --  maybe you'll be dis-barred.  Call Don Rickles --
he has a broken mop to fix, you're the fixer they call -- right???

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