Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Whine:  to utter a peevish, high pitched, nasal sound;
to complain or beg in a childish or undignified way;
a complaint uttered in a whining tone.

The tendency to whining and complaining may be taken as
the surest symptom of little souls and inferior intellects.
                                                       --Lord Jeffrey Amherst

So the truth finally comes out, it had to, and seems now that
Barry Barack Soetoro Obama Davis is really not the smartest
guy in the room.

But, we always knew he was not the smartest guy in the room,
and certainly not the coolest cat in the room.  His incessant
whining reveals him to be the littlest soul in the room, if he
has a soul, and he is really the dumbest guy in the room, when
it comes to intellect.

One of the first things parents have to discipline their children
for is whining.  "He hit me.  She touched me.  Her piece is
bigger than mine.  She is in my way.  He called me a name.
Why can't I?  Everyone is picking on me."

And the whines just keep on coming.  Whining is the sure sign
of a child, or an "adult" who is used to getting their own way.
When they don't get their own way, they cry, pout, whine,
blame and complain.

As long as they blame others, they never have to take responsibilty
for their own actions, and they never have to change.  Hey -- its
not their fault!

Barry's whining is beginning to sound like the 5th grade bully
who finally got smacked in the nose by a fed up 3rd grader:

It's George Bush's fault.  (x 1000)
It's Europe's fault.
Its the soo-na-ME.
Rush doesn't like me.
Fox isn't fair.
Romney is heckling me.
My homework ate the dog. (I wanted a second helping.)
Whites are racist because I am black.
Blacks are racist because I am white.
Romney makes more money than I do.
People like Michelle better than me.
The Supreme Court doesn't like me.  (Racists in robes)
Sarah Jessica Parker can't cook chicken for crap.
Putin hates me.
All these guys are riting books about me being a big fat liar.
Me composite books not believed anymore.
Now me goon squad wants to be paid to goon.
(think me will change hope and change to nope and blame)

Whining is not cool.  Whining is not smart.
Whining reveals a spoiled brat with a small -
uhhh, intellect.

Whining is not becoming for a president.

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