Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Vote: What Will Happen with ObamaCare?

The verdict that the Supreme Court of the United States will release about ObamaCare is arguably their most important decision in decades. Can the government force people to buy a service that they do not necessarily want? Can the government force people to buy other things just because they deem it necessary?

More than just questions about health care, the SCOTUS decision on ObamaCare has large implications on the 2012 elections. Democrats, including President Obama, have already started to attack the court, attempting to limit the damage that an unfavorable ruling will have. But will a confirmation of Mr. Obama's legislation give his campaign a boost?

All of these questions will be answered, at least in part, at 10 am. At the moment, however, you can voice your opinion on what the SCOTUS will decide. Will the entire law go down? Will it be upheld? Will the individual mandate alone fall? Vote below:

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  1. SCOTUS will strike it down, POTUS will ignore the ruling.