Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Two French Police Officers shot dead by Muslim Terrorist

From Eric Dondero:
The French media, and various news sources from Spain, and the Netherlands are reporting that two female police officers have been shot dead by a Muslim man from North Africa. The suspect is a recently released convict from a French prison.
French media are blaming the deaths on a drunken and drug-induced craze by the murderer, and are only mentioning his Islamic ties in passing.
Story and Photo credit - LaDepeche.fr "Femmes gendarmes tuées dans le Var : un colosse que l'alcool et la drogue rendent fou" (Translation Mine):
L'homme soupçonné d'avoir tué deux femmes gendarmes, dimanche soir, à Collobrières, dans le Var, a reconnu les faits a indiqué hier le procureur de la République de Toulon. ll sera poursuivi pour meurtre et assassinat.
Un homme de 30 ans, ivre au moment des faits, avec un passé marqué par la violence, la drogue et qui s'est acharné sur ses victimes… le profil qu'a dressé hier après-midi Xavier Tabareux, procureur de la République de Toulon, de celui qui a reconnu avoir tiré dimanche soir à Collobrières, dans le Var, sur deux femmes gendarmes, les tuant toutes les deux.
The man suspected to have killed two women constables, Sunday night at Collobrières, in the Var, has admitted the facts stated yesterday by the prosecutor in Toulon. He will be prosecuted for murder and manslaughter. A 30 year old man, drunk at the time, with a history of violence, drugs, had turned against his victims ... statements made yesterday afternoon by Xavier Tabareux, public prosecutor of Toulon, that he had admitted that he shot Sunday night in Collobrières, in the Var, two women police, killing them both.
(Translation Mine)
The brother of alleged killer of two women police Sunday Collobrières (Var) which before arriving at the court on Tuesday late afternoon, described before journalists, a man "out of control," who fell into "decay", despite the support of his family. Chaouki Boumezar was first honored the family of the victims.
Additional information from Spanish news site, AlertaDigital, "El asesino de las dos gendarmes francesas es, cómo no, un magrebí recién salido de la cárcel" (The murderer of two female french police officers, of course, is a north African, recently released from jail):
(Translation Mine):
Abdallah Boumezar, el sospechoso de haber cometido los asesinatos de las dos mujeres gendarmes en la aldea de Collobrières, ha confesado ser el autor de los disparos que han acabado con la vida de Alicia Champion y Audrey Berthaut, las dos agentes. Este hombre de 30 años y de origen magrebí había salido de la cárcel en septiembre pasado después de cumplir una pena de 6 años.
La semana pasada, había sido condenado a una pena de libertad vigilada por un caso de agresión contra su madre. Las dos gendarmes habían acudido por un asunto de un robo. El asesino confeso disparó dos tiros contra Audrey Berthaut y después salío en persecusión de Alicia Champion a la que disparó seis tiros a quemarropa.
Adbdallah Boumezr, the suspect of the murders of two female police officers in the town of Collobrieres, has confessed to be the shooter, who has taken the life of the two agents Alicia Champion and Audrey Berthaut. This man of 30 years, originally from the Mahgreb (North Africa/mainly Algiers), had left prison last September after completing a sentence of 6 years.
It goes on to state that Boumezr had been convicted for robbery and violent assault.

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  1. I had such a hard time finding this in the good old USA. Our so called free press is shamefully silent. I only discovered this sad story because one of my facebook friends is French. Looking at his friends and their friends pages all of them French have posted Their shock sorrow and heartbreak.This story truely shook France.
    you may not have any comments because the audio to hear to 'prove I'm not a robot," is impossable to understand and the typed words are almost as bad