Friday, June 01, 2012

The Thingamajig-in-chief

With the national public embarrassment which has become our weekly
political soap opera, it is getting extremely difficult to write anything
remotely close to an authentic column worthy of thinking people to
read and ponder.

What happened this week in this pre-planned, packaged for the leftist
media, rolled out by the media machine and lambasted by every
comservative blog in the country?

Well, let's see, there was the worse than useless Eric Holder teaching
black pastors to skirt the law so they could politic from the pulpit, get
out the vote, and do exactly that which the government has been
penalizing non-black churches for.  Nice job Holder, what will you
do next week, bring Fast and Furious to Chicago's drug gangs?

And contrary to the lies told by the lying liars cooking the books for
the liar-in-squaw, that he is a fiscal conservative, we find out this
week that Barry Soetoro, who from the third grade wanted to be
present  president, that he in truth, has spent more than the last
five presidents combined.

Forget the insipid fact that Barry is so enamored with his barber
that he flies him to the White House every two weeks so they can
do some male bonding whilst his lovely locks are probably being
saved for some witches brew on election day.  At least Trump has
some hair to cut.  And we thought John Edwards was narcisscistic
because he spent $400 for his trim?  At least he has hair.  Barry is
making Narcissus look like Woody Allen.

And of course Barry, intimidated by Lech Walesa, possibly because
Mr. Walsea has no aliases and actually earned his Nobel Peace Prize,
has refused to invite him to our White House, making Barry again
look like the spoiled brat we all thought he has been.

And Bro. Barry is still trying to explain that the Bible really says
that gay marriage is a good thing. 

And the White House cooks are fixing the numbers on unemployment
figures, they're probably doing the books in the kitchen, in between
the Kobe steaks, escargot and the sauteed rijsttafel.

And there was the unveiling of our last real president's portrait,
and Barry couldn't help highlighting his own un-reality during
what was supposed to be an occassion to honor Mr. Bush.  Seems
he thinks everything is about him, and every occasion is just some
stupid grinning fun for the Choom Gang.

And then Barry has time to do six, SIX,  fundraisers in one day.

One wonders, doesn't one, what this narcissictic maniac is going
to do once he loses his position this November.  Seriously, the only
thing left for someone who thinks so much of himself is a career
in Hollywood.  No joke.

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