Sunday, June 17, 2012

Sunday Bible Story --

Father's Day  2012

For I know him, that he will command his children and his
household after him, and they shall keep the way of the Lord,
to do justice and judgement;  that the Lord may bring upon
Abraham that which he hath spoken of him.   Genesis 18:19

What makes a good father?  What are the true characteristics
necessary for a father to see himself as performing a useful,
continuing purpose in the world?

Since God is our Heavenly Father, and Abraham is the father
of all who believe, as Paul states in Romans 4, perhaps this
verse is a good starting point for Father's Day.

It is pretty clear here that to God, the distinguishing traits of
a good father are those that have to do with how he treats his
children, his household, his family.

Nothing in here about the bowling league, the men's softball
team, the local darts competition, the amateur golf tournament,
the bass fishing contest, watching ESPN on TV, or drinking
with the guys after work.  Nothing about a career, college,
occupation, hobbies or a second job.

You get the idea from this passage that if you are spending
most of your time doing your own thing, and your hobbies,
recreations and pasttimes do not include your family, you're
probably coming up way short here.  And, be that the case,
the problems which stem from those misplaced priorities
are already strangling you.

What does it mean to command your children? 

It really only has one meaning:  time with your children.
And in that time, teaching, directing and showing the
example of a life well lived has no equal.  The daily
example of a Godly father as he goes about his duties is
the proper instruction of children.

There is no such thing as quality time.  There is only time,
measured by all in minutes, hours, days, weeks, months
and years. 

To a child whose father always has time for them, there is
nothing else on earth that can compare.  "Oh, I make sure
I spend quality time with my kids."  Hahahahaha -- that
usually means, "I have my golf, my bowling, my buddies
and the softball league;  I work long hours -- but -- once a
month we go to the lake, and once a year we go on vacation
for a week."   Okay, whatever, can you say, "cop-out,
excuses, selfishness?

To a child, there has never been and never will be such a
thing as "quality time."  The only question a child keeps
in their heart and mind is, "Does my father have time for
me?  Am I important to him?"

And Pops, you don't get a chance to answer that question --
your son or daughter already knows the answer, based on
how and where you spend your time.

"But I have responsibilities at work."  Yeah, yeah, who
doesn't?  "But I need to relax with the guys and some
drinks after work."  Yeah, yeah, yeah.  Let me know how
that one works out.

What if you spent as much time and worked as hard with
your children, and wife;  what if you were as dedicated to
them as you are to church, hobbies, TV, and etc?  You
know -- what if you really cared about them and it showed?

How would your children look at you then?  What would
your wife think if you actually put your family first, before
everything else?

The most important thing you can ever give your family
and your children is yourself, your time and attention.  And
in the final analysis --- you have nothing else to give.

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