Saturday, June 16, 2012

Saudi Crown Prince Passed Away

The Saudi Kingdom was shaken to its core this morning, as Crown Prince and heir to the thrown Nayef bin Abdulaziz passed away for unknown medical reasons in Geneva, Switzerland. Although, I suspect his visit, and untimely death in one of Europe's better medical system's wasn't coincidental.

Nayef served as Interior Minister for thirty-seven years, overseeing the country's counter terrorism efforts, and was named Crown Prince last October by the King, his older brother. He was known to be religiously conservative on domestic issues, especially in regards to King Abdullah's reform efforts.

After a three day period of mourning set to start tomorrow, the king's advisers will meet and discuss who should become the new heir to the throne, which is vital considering the current occupant is 90 years old, likely to pass as well within the next few years and the position itself has tremendous authority and urgent responsibility through out the entire world.

Prince Salman, head of the Defence Ministry and strong supporter of his brother's domestic reforms, is the early front-runner.

But for now, the kingdom's leaders will mourn the passing of their brother, as their close allies in Bahrain order all state flags half-staff and three days of mourning in their nation out of respect.

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