Sunday, June 17, 2012

Refs Give NBA Black Eye, Talk of the Finals Being Tainted Explodes

I will no longer watch the NBA Finals. As a devoted basketball fan, I can no longer sit by and watch referees either calling some of the most atrocious games I have every seen or a fix masquerading as a game. The awful foul calling has given the NBA a black eye on the biggest stage of all of basketball.

Thunder players are getting smacked, pushed, and knocked over. And in return a foul is either called on them or their is no call at all. The "fouls" being called against the Heat are almost all trivial; non-shot fouls when the Heat are below the limit. They don't amount to anything.

In the meantime, Kevin Durant accumulates fouls as if he's a magnet next to metal. Half of them do not exist. Jeff Van Gundy's inane comments and laughing while saying, "Nope! No foul!" when Durant gets called for nothing just makes it all the more frustrating.

Of course, this garbage did not start in this series. In the Boston-Miami series, there was no call when Rajon Rondo got forearmed in the face in right in front of an official. There were exclamations by Van Gundy during the Pacers-Heat series that fouls against the Pacers should not even be called at the JV level.

But they are and they continue to be. It is almost impossible for the Thunder to beat 8 players at once.

Hop over to twitter and there are literally thousands of tweets proclaiming the Heat or the refs as cheaters. But who can blame them after the travesty that is being showcased every other night?
A Common Example- 8 Tweets in 1 Second All Saying the Same Thing: The Game is Fixed

I would like to point out that this is not, in any way, a swipe against the Heat. They are an excellent basketball team and LeBron James is the best player on the planet. However, a Championship is much less sweet when it's tainted, either by out-and-out fixing or blind referees.

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  1. in the uefa euro 2012, the refs handed spain a big win on a blatant off-sides.


    most major games are tainted cuz there is so much money bet on them.

    and players and refs can be easily blackmailed with hookers and drugs.


  2. That ref has some explaining to do, that he does. The finals is getting dirtier every time. It's just fixed, I tell you.