Monday, June 04, 2012

Recall Stupidity

This entire situation in Wisconsin, which has gripped the nation for over one year now, is just completely and utterly stupid, and it exposes the primary fault in recall laws: elected officials being targeted in the middle of a legislative term for voting their conscience. It just makes the act of governing even more political and divisive.

Aren't re-elections supposed to be when and where the electorate voices their approval or disapproval? Not anymore, apparently. The process has been hijacked to allowed well connected interest groups, and political parties to harass the other side for simply voting opposite on a contentious issue.

Our Founding Fathers granted Supreme Court Justices with lifetime appointments so they wouldn't base their decisions on political pressure, or threat of not being re-appointed, and the same principle of governing over political fear should hold true for a legislator, or even an executive, during their term of office.

Imagine if the recall option was available nationally and someone was able to collect the signatures in 2007 to stop President Bush from commencing the surge, or President Obama from signing his health care law, every thing would have been tossed into turmoil as, essentially, another election was formed in the middle of a term.

If this ongoing, never-ending situation in Wisconsin should teach us anything, its that the recall option should be taken off the books and thrown in the trash. And I say that also about the 2 Democratic lawmakers who also had to deal with recall battles in the state last year as well.

What say you?

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