Friday, June 22, 2012

Photo shopping Obama's Mind

John Boehner --  what a wino
Nan Pelosi --  what a wino -- enough with the botox
Eric Holder -- gonna get him for dragging me out the box
Reggie Love -- I need my body man
The Kennedys -- I am so much bigger than them
Mitt Romney -- seriously, I am going to lose to this guy
Darrell Issssa -- dead pool
Karl Marx -- man, I love this guy
Hillary -- Michelle said - don't give her a job
Bill -- man I hate this guy
Joe Arpaio -- dead pool
Larry Sinclair -- really dead pool
Steve Bridges -- this guy was not funny -- too bad
Andrew Breitbart -- boy, too bad, natural causes, huh?
Breitbart's cororner -- wow, some coincidence huh?
Thomas Kincade -- can't blame me for that one
Donald Young -- guy was mugged huh?
Ellen -- thanks for the material
Larry Bland -- wow, too bad, Chicago streets are tough
Nate Spemcer -- man, these guys are just keeling over?
Rahm Emanuel -- man I'm glad to get rid of him
Man's Country Bath House -- I'm still a member, ain't I?
Down Low Club -- yup, still in good standing
Joe Biden -- what a goofball, I'd like to ditch him, but
                     he knows too much
Budget (federal or campaign) -- don't need no stinkin' budget
Goons -- now I have to pay these guys?
ACORN -- these guys did it for free
SEIU -- I'm countin' on you boys in November
Frank Davis -- yo Daddy-o  whats the haps?
Saul Alinsky -- my man
Bill Ayers -- again, my man
Supreme Court -- bunch of old farts, who needs 'em?
The Constitution -- written by old white guys  -- who cares?
Congress -- who needs 'em?
Senate -- old white farts -- who needs 'em?
American Voters -- who cares about them -- I got goons.
Kobe Steak -- man, I ain't never eaten like this -- sure beats dog
Golf -- I ain't no good, but it gets me out the house
Fundraisers -- show me the money
Putin -- what a dummy, I could take him in a minute
Nobel Peace Prize -- man, I got that one nailed
Teleprompter -- can't live without it
Cocaine/Weed/Alcohol -- who-o-a-d-u-u-d-e-c-h-o-o-o-m-e -u-p

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