Wednesday, June 06, 2012

OWS: We're Going to Bribe Cuomo with Fake Two Mil. Dollar Check

Occupy Wall Street, desperate to relive the media coverage it received last year, is up to its old desperate tactics. In an announcement today, OWS declared that they will "bribe Gov. Cuomo for a living wage" because they are upset that he does not support increasing the minimum wage by a large amount.

With their announcement, they also posted the dumbest fake check I have ever seen (not that I have ever seen that many fake checks):

On their main section, OWS outlined why they were "bribing" Cuomo. Here's their message in its entirety:
It has become clear just how bad things have become in New York. Now it apparently costs $2 million to purchase the enthusiastic support of the Governor on a policy issue. So tomorrow (Wed. 6/6) Occupy Albany will be delivering a large $2 million check to Gov. Cuomo on behalf of the 99% asking him to increase the minimum wage and push for a living wage in New York State.

Meet between 12pm and 12:15pm at the State Street entrance to the Capitol. We'll enter the Capitol and convene in the War Room at 12:30pm to prepare to deliver our bribe.
If you look around the event's page some more, you can also look at some generic whining about Scott Walker and corporations. But really, who the hell cares?
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  1. Join Us! We are delivering $2 million cash to Governor 1%. We want to buy a raise for 700,000 New Yorkers.
    Tomorrow June 7th, 12pm @ 42 and 3rd avenue.

    Meet at 42 and 3rd avenue tomorrow at 12pm. Then at 12:30pm we will take a brief walk to deliver the money to the Governors Office.

    Following the successful example set by the gambling industry, we have decided that bribery has more tangible results than overwhelming public support and peaceful protest. Our hope is that this bribe will buy the Governor's support for a living wage, in the same way that he became an advocate for gambling interests. That is why we will deliver $2 million cash!
    Apparently, 78% bipartisan support across the state, the creation of thousands of jobs, and the benefit of workers is insufficient to motivate the Governor to take action. Therefore, our hope is that this money will motivate Governor Cuomo's more enthuastic support of a living wage, in the same way that he became a die-hard advocate for gambling interests upon being paid to play.

    Someone working full-time at minimum wage earns $290 a week, or just $15,080 yearly without any time off. It’s impossible to pay for rent, food, transportation, health care and everything else on such a meager salary. It’s indefensible that someone who works 40 hours a week would be unable to feed her family.
    While millionaires and billionaires are able to save extra income, low wage workers don’t have that option, so the extra money will be spent quickly, giving the economy a boost.

    Raising the minimum wage to $8.50 and indexing it to inflation — so low-wage workers don’t continue to get left behind — is the least we can do.

    1. You have no understanding of basic macroeconomics, do you?