Monday, June 25, 2012

MSM Scrambles to Deceive Readers about Arizona Court Ruling

Just five days ago, MSNBC ran an article describing SB 1070 as the "papers, please" immigration law. MSNBC framed the law as if the only the provision in it allowed police officers to inquire about the immigration status of criminals.

Today, the Supreme Court has ruled that that key provision is constitutional. Yet, in its wake the Main Stream Media has instantly changed their tune, declaring that the high court has struck down the law. The importance of the provision that they once declared indefensible and unconstitutional? All but forgotten in their headlines.

MSNBC, for example, has this headline blaring on their front page:
The intent, of course, is obvious: anyone simply reading the headline will think that the most important parts of SB 1070 were declared unconstitutional. The "key parts" that MSNBC so desperately wants you to believe in were never at the heart of the lawsuit.

CNN, never to fall behind their liberal brethren, pulled the same stunt. This is on the front of their website:

Again, the most controversial part of the law was upheld. The part of the law that liberals had formerly bemoaned was declared constitutional. But now, as it is in place, to the MSM trying to spin a story, it is an afterthought.

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    FACT: Three of the Six Provisions of Arizona's Outstanding SB1070 Immigration Reform Law Upheld
    From the SCOTUS decision, the most important three provisions of SB1070 are in full effect. The remaining three minor provisions can be easily tweaked by the state legislature to conform to federal law.

    This is a VICTORY FOR AMERICA - and a CLEAR DEFEAT FOR OBOZO, who places politics above the law.

    Perhaps OBOZO should now change his campaign song to reflect reality:
    "I fought the law and the law won". !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Bottom Line: SCOTUS has now affirmed the right of states to do what the lawless OBOZO regime refuses to do, namely, enforce America's immigration laws against the invading hoard of ILLEGALS to protect American citizens.

  2. Same narrative by my local news channel: Headline was scouts dealt the AZ law a "crushing defeat" - the fact that AZ could still check id status was mentioned as almost a footnote at the end of the news story. If all the newscaster are doing is parroting the MSM's narrative then you may as well replace them with the automated Customer Service voice that my utility uses.

    Thanks for reading!