Monday, June 18, 2012

More Americans Killed in Chicago Than Afghanistan in 2012

The next time someone uses the argument that we have to leave Afghanistan because too many soldiers have died, please bring up these disturbing statistics I discovered on The Washington Free Beacon this morning:

Since the 2012 calendar year started, 228 people have been killed in Chicago and the murder rate has risen by thirty five percent, while only 144 American soldiers have been killed in Afghanistan, an actual war zone, during that same time period, which is ironically thirty five percent lower then last year.

Quite interesting, eh? You have a better chance of being killed in Chicago if your an American citizen then if you are deployed to Afghanistan. Then again, at least in Afghanistan you carry a weapon to protect yourself, unlike Chicago where you would likely be fined, sent to jail and any gangbanger you shoot would have a full legal right to sue.

It's also quite sad to boot that we have more people dying in a peaceful country because of gangs and scum elements running wild with no armed personal protection for the citizenry then 8,000 miles overseas fighting the Taliban, Haqqani and al-Qaida terror networks.

What say you?

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