Thursday, June 28, 2012

moe, larry, curly, shemp, abbot,
costello, w.c. fields, dangerfield
and lewis black - - - - - - - - - - -


your fellow stooges, comedians
and idiots in congress, the senate
and the white house --

My fellow Americans, we now have a state of
confusion/idiocy, and tyrants rule.  Holder will
probably now win the nobel peace prize, the
November elections will probably be called off,
and we will have to bow to the dictator from
another country who intends to ruin our way of

The supreme (and I use the term loosely) court
has just revealed themselves to be as stupid, as
cowardly, and as asinine as Barry, the white house
zzars, the idiots in congress and the senate.

Not a one of them is fit to live off the benefits of
a free country.  Not one of them is fit to accept a
paycheck for the pitiful job they are doing.

They all deserve a gulag somewhere, but it will
be those who provide the paycheck who will
undoubtedly see the inside of a cell without

May God have mercy on those who are left.

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