Thursday, June 28, 2012

Complete List of Democrats Voting to Hold Holder in Contempt of Congress

The House of Representatives just voted to hold Attorney General Eric Holder in criminal contempt of Congress for stonewalling the House Oversight Committee's efforts to get to the bottom of what occurred in the horrifically planned and ultimately deadly "fast and furious" program.

While the House Democratic leadership and their allies have attempted to paint this as nothing more then pure petty politics, the roll call from today's vote reveals something interesting... 17 Democrats voted to hold Holder in contempt - destroying the media's partisan narrative, and possibly giving more Democrats wiggle room to also oppose the embattled Attorney General.

Here are the 17 Democrats who voted to hold Holder in contempt:

Jason Altmire:
John Barrow:
Dan Boren:
Leonard Boswell:
Ben Chandler:
Mark Critz:
Joe Donnelly:
Kathy Hochul:
Ron Kind:
Larry Kissell:
Jim Matheson:
Mike McIntyre:
Bill Owens:
Collin Peterson:
Nick Rahall:
Mike Ross:
Tim Walz:
Added plus: Bill Owens and Kathy Hochul are from New York, one of the bluest states (if not the bluest) in the nation.

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  1. I didn't even notice, very interesting. And more significant that it may seem.

  2. Fast and Furious is Watergate with 300 body bags.

    Even after Ubama is kicked out of office in November, this needs to be pursued to its logical conclusion; Holder and Ubama behind bars.

  3. You might as well all become republicans, because you are unwanted in the Democratic Party.

  4. "Wide Receiver" and "Fast and Furious" are the same program. But only one administration is being ridiculed, probably for stopping the program; or for political reasons... Previous admin. didn't even testify, why not???

    1. Because their guns were electronically tagged and recorded. When program was halted due to a leak the guns were pulled back off the streets and NO AMERICANS were murdered by that administrations program.

    2. Wide Receiver was a tracking and interdiction program that was coordinated with Mexico. Fast and Furious allowed the guns to walk freely across the border with no tracking, interdiction or coordination with Mexican officials. Obviously you've been listening to Nancy Pelosi's spin.

  5. WIDE RECEIVER and FAST AND FURIOUS are NOT THE SAME PROGRAM, there are a few similarities but they were VERY DIFFERENT. There is no moral equivalency here - except in your own mind.

    Susan Benton, New Haven, Connecticut

  6. I'd bet that none of the 17 were planning to go to the Democratic National Convention anyway. For one case, I know the Altmire and Critz's seats were merged into one District and Critz won the primary - so Altmire is out. Critz has already announced that he won't be going to Charlotte.

  7. You would think that Congress would want to get to the botton of this. Instead they make it about party and race. I don't care if Holder was pink with purple dots. The truth must come out. Just because he is black does not make it ok to commit a crime, if he did. There should not be 2 laws, one for blacks and one for whites etc. A crime is a crime.

  8. No campaign contributions from me.

  9. Would be a more helpful list with states and congressional district included with the names.