Thursday, June 21, 2012

La Edad de los Milagros

Maybe, just maybe, perhaps, just perhaps, we will get a
miracle this year.

My favorite miracle would be that Barry Soetoro would
resign, along with Eric Himpton Holder, and the rest of
the Chicago thugs Barry brought with him from the hood.

All the zzars would have to go, za crooks, za con men and
za bitter women that they are.

Presidents have resigned for less, you know, as the obama-ME-
dia are reminding us.

This country has put up with more nonsense, more crimes, more
lies, more Kobe presidential steak, more debt, more pettifogging,
more stealing, more aliases, more Social Security numbers, more
hidden records, more criminals in office, more stonewalling,
more forced ecomonic misery than all the previous real
presidents combined.

If Barry Soetoro Davis Obama Barak Hussein was the CEO of a
company, he would have been fired and jailed by now.  Err,
well maybe they don't let you off that easy in Kenya.

Barry -- why don't you do us all a favor and resign?  That's right -
leave the lightbulbs and toilet paper, don't wreck the place, it is
time for you to go.

Look at it this way, if you leave now, the felonies that you and
Holder are facing might not catch up with you.  And, the disgrace
of losing to a successful American capitalist won't be on your
resume, such as it is.

What say -- you and the fam take one last vacation on us?  Go
somewhere you haven't been before.  Eat high on the hog,
take plenty of Secret Service Agents, take three or four huge
airplanes, spend another ten or twenty million taxpayer dollars
and go have yourself a good time.

Get a lot of pictures, mug for the cameras, act like you are
really enjoying botching up things.  Spend as much as you
want, go for the gusto, who cares?  Its not your money.

Just leave, leave us alone, leave the office of president just like
you found it:  

                   much bigger than you are,
                   much deeper than you think,
                   and much greater than you are able to imagine.

Just leave, please. 

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