Saturday, June 23, 2012

Fundraisers Obama Style

You can take cheap politicians out of Chicago -
but you can't make them smart or classy!

In case Moocher-elle and Barry (I really got no class)  need a few new
ideas for shaking down their groupies with some stupid fundraiser
tricks --  here are some they might be able to try :

White House Garage Sale  They could get rid of all the
historical documents, pictures, and statues.  Everything could go -
they could then re-decorate in gothic chicago chic broke style like
they are used to.

White House Bake Sale   They could get Sarah Jessica
to bake some more chicken and spicy mustard, spread it on cotton-
wood leaves and have Clooney sell it as an afro-diasiac.

White House Shoe Shine   They could set up some
George Washington era chairs on the White House lawn, and have
the zzars shine shoes, if we still have shoes by then.

White House Share-a-thon   They could get a local
television to put on a beg-a-thon, get pledges from the groupies
dumb enough to watch and call in, then just use those cards until
they reached the limits, then have another beg-a-thon on another
TV station.

White House UFC    They could have a grudge match
between Axelrod and Holder, a Texas death match, Moocher-elle
and  Jarrett  could be ring girls,  the boy child Carney could be
the referree.   Are  you  ready.....

Thats just a few ideas, I'm sure that the two cheeiest jerks in the
world will come up with some new ones on their own next week --
I  can     hardly     w--a--a--a--i--i--t.


1 comment:

  1. Back when Jesse Jackson said he might run for the White House I remember a joke about Mrs. Jackson measuring the widows for plywood.

    Doesn't seem as funny now.