Monday, June 04, 2012

Chinese Market Remembers Tianamen on Anniversay

HT: New York Times

Today is the twenty-third anniversary of the horrific Tianamen Square crackdown, when the Chinese military slaughtered hundreds of democracy protesters, and the most remarkable, and odd thing occurred on China's Shanghai Stock Exchange this morning that has government censors working double time.

The market lost 64.89 points today, which kinda looks like June 4th, 1989 - the date of the crackdown. The government is pretty much censoring everything conceivable on their internet search engines and blogs related to this statistically oddity, but the story gets even weirder.

When the trading day ended, the market's index was 2346.98, or 23 years, June 4th, 1989 - in reverse.

Now, it's pretty much impossible that investors could have rigged the thousands of stocks being traded to fall perfectly in line to produce these numbers, but it is plausible that the market was hacked by someone wanting to send the Chinese government a message, especially in wake of their recent high profile dissident crisis involving the United States State Department.

Either way, I'm glad the government is sweating bullets today. They deserve much, much worse for what they did 23 years ago to innocent, unarmed protesters only desiring a better, freer existence.

What say you?

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