Thursday, June 21, 2012

Charles Barron vs. Hakeem Jeffries Battle Heats Up

While there is no shortage of interesting races taking place in New York's federal primaries on Tuesday, one in particular has ignited fierce emotions within the Democrat Party in the 8th congressional district, where we have NY City Councilman Charles Barron, a radical black panther and anti-Semite running against Hakeem Jeffries, a decent and respected young New York Assemblyman.

Democratic divisions have quickly grown between the two camps, and their supporters, as Barron masks his campaign in the civil rights movement and Jeffries has been supported overwhelmingly by the local Democrat Jewish community, which has caused even greater tensions as Barron has dismissed this support by saying he talks to local voters about bread and butter issues; not Israel.

And then today's endorsements... Wow, just wow.

Barron was endorsed by KKK leader David Duke for his anti-Israel policy stances and his opposition to the global zionist machine, or something, while Jeffries received the backing of Congressman John Lewis, one of the most respected leaders of the civil rights movement, saying he would be both a strong leader and effective member of Congress.

The contrast between the two candidates couldn't be more apparent, and sadly in this ultra-one party district, there is no chance of a Republican candidate seriously challenging either one in November. So, if you live by, in, or close to the 8th district - please tell your Democrat friends to back Mr. Jeffries in the primary Tuesday. We cannot just sit idly by and watch an extremist bigot get elected to the House of Representatives.

What say you?

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