Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Brooklyn YR Likely Assembly Candidate

Although my knowledge of Brooklyn politics is short and generally useless, I do know that if the Republican Party nominates Russell Gallo, head of the borough's young republican club, for state assembly: there's going to be one hell of an interesting race this November.

From Politicker:
Russell Gallo, the President of the Brooklyn Young Republicans, is planning to run against Democratic Assemblyman Steve Cymbrowitz, setting the stage for what will likely be one of the few competitive assembly battles in New York City this November.
Reached for comment, Mr. Gallo said that he’s “not making any public statements until we get closer to the end of petitioning,” however, according to multiple sources familiar with his efforts, he fully intends to run.
I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Gallo, who is the co-host of the Brooklyn GOP Radio show, at this past weekend's statewide gathering of Young Republicans and I was quite impressed by him, especially when I later learned he's a U.S. Army Guard (which I'm currently in the process of enlisting in) veteran who served in Iraq.

Despite the historical democratic leanings of Brooklyn, the recent elections of pro-Israel Republicans in the district indicates Mr. Gallo, who is a hard working Brooklyn area politico to be sure, definitely has a strong chance of ousting the incumbent Democrat and turning the borough even redder in the aftermath of Turner's historic victory last year.

Regardless, I wish Mr. Gallo the best and hope to hit the streets for the prospective candidate sometime this fall.

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