Monday, June 11, 2012

Barry & Michelle's Economy  IS  in  Fine  Shape

The greatest weakness of power is the belief that one deserves it.

Barry and Michelle have committed that great sin, and the mistake
they are making is that they are wallowing in it like two pigs in
the slop.

Like two spoiled children, they are bragging, boasting, and
showing off in a way we have never seen in the White House.

They are revealing to our country who they really are.  The idea is
that no matter how bad Barry is making things for the rest of us,
they want us to know that Barry and Michelle are doing fine.

When he back-watered about his statement on the economy,  he
was lying.  To him, the economy is fine, his economy.  For him
and her,  it is as fine as it has ever been in their miserable socialist

Check out the white house menu:

Butternut squash bisque;  red/green lettuce wrapped in daikon
sheets w/ masago rice pearl crispies;  
Kobe beef/Wagyu beef;
black lentil terrine with lump crabmeat; 
grilled skirt steak, poblano sauce & sauteed spinach;
minted spring pea salad;
couscous w/ chard, tomatoes & sardines; 
cucumber avocado soup;
eggs veggie frittata; 
salmon croquettes; 
holiday gulf shrimp cocktail;

and the list of the world's finest cuisine goes on forever.

Of course they think the economy is fine.  For them, it is.

Meanwhile, out here in real America, where we all live, the
menu is something like:  hamburger, spagetti, meatloaf, mac
and cheese, pork and beans, potato salad, tacos, ham and
turkey at the holidays.

How about the vacations?

2009  August  --Martha's Vineyard
2009   August  -- Grand Canyon & Yellowstone
2009  Christmas -- Hawaii
2010  March -- New York City
2010  May  --  Chicago
2010  July -- Mount Desert Island, Maine
2010  August -- Martha's Vineyard
2010  August -- Michelle & daughter in Spain
2010  August  -- Barry's "birthday" Chicago
2010  August -- Panama City
2010  Christmas -- Hawaii
2011  President's Day  -- soetoro girls to Aspen
2011  June -- Soetoro girls to South Africa
2011  summer -- Martha's Vineyard
2011  Christmas -- Hawaii
2012  President's Day  -- Soetoro girls in Aspen
2012  Spring break for Malia -- Mexico  --25 Secret Service

Of course they think the economy is fine.  For them, it is.

And Barry's vacations?  Check this out:  One trip to each of
the following countries:  Australia, Brazil, Chile, China,
Columbia, Egypt, El Salvador, Ghana, India, Iraq, Ireland,
Italy, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Saudia Arabia,
Singapore, Trinadad & Tobago, Turkey, Rome.

Two trips to these:  Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark,
Germany, Indonesia, Japan, Mexico, United Kingdom.

Three visits:  Afghanistan, South Korea.

Four:  France.

Of course he thinks the economy is fine.  For him, it is.

How about the over 200 campaign fundraisers?  He is
asking for and getting over 300,000,00 dollars so far.

It makes you wonder how he has  time for daily
workouts, basketball with the boy friends, and the 100
or so golf games.

Of course he thinks the economy is fine.  For him, it is.

This country has never seen the like of someone infected
with such thoughts of his and her own greatness.  We are
seeing firsthand the terrible the weakness of power in the
hands of those who are too immature to handle it.

You can tell about a person's character by how they are
affected by power.  Barry and Michelle have exhibited no
character.  They are two gimme children, selfish brats
with nowhere to go but out.  Out of the White House, out
of public life, out of our hair for good.

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